interviews Red Pervert:

FP: What was it like working on the movie The Fighting Perverts?

RP: It was very fulfilling.  I fell in love with the script from the start, and was very happy to play the Red Pervert for the film.

FP: Forgive us, but we didn't find the script to be a strength of the movie.  Could you shed some light on what you found so appealing about it?

RP: Well, my favorite parts of the script were [Red Pervert has sex with School Girl], [Red Pervert is forced to have sex with Evil Witch Lady], and [Red Pervert has sex with School Girl again], to be honest.

FP: Which brings us to our next question.  Why are you the only one of the four male perverts who actually gets laid in the movie?

RP: I have a naturally occurring mosaic zone for genitalia.  It cuts the costs of post-production to have an actor with a natural mosaic zone do a majority of the sex scenes.

FP: That's… really disturbing.

RP: Want to see it?

FP: No, thanks.

RP: Here it is.

FP: Please put your pants back on or this interview is over.

RP: ...very well.  Go on.

FP: What about the fight choreography?  The opening sequence looks sort of like an elaborate battle, but it comes across as more of a pushing contest.

RP: That scene was directed by Mr. Takinawa.  That man is a visionary.

FP: What sort of vision was that supposed to be?

RP: He was making a profound statement about what happens to a society that is overrun by naked women.  It shows that oppression in society is healthy or we will be taken over by the naked women who wear ski masks.

FP: I think it's safe to say that Mr. Takinawa would be in an asylum if he lived in the U.S.

RP: It is probable.

FP: From what do The Fighting Perverts derive their power?  How do they transform?

RP: That is very complicated.  It has a lot to do with rerouting the plasma flow through the main injectors.  Things like that.

FP: ...did you just rip that technobabble directly out of a Star Trek episode?

RP: You must understand.  It is easier than being creative.

FP: So The Fighting Perverts transform and… do what?  The don't appear to have extraordinary abilities when transformed.

RP: They get laid more when they're transformed.

FP: Well, you do anyway.

RP: You catch on quick.

FP: So essentially, the transformation simply makes you all hornier.

RP: It is not just that.  The uniforms make us more attractive to women.  That is why the Evil Witch Lady forced me to service her.  It is a memory that will haunt me forever.

FP: I'm sure it will.  Well, thank you for your time Mr. Red Pervert.

RP: Thank you.

Red Pervert in civilian clothing

The tongue attack!

He's got such a winning smile!