The thumbnailed galleries below tell the story of the Fighting Perverts as I've interpreted it.

The galleries are broken up into "episodes", with each episode covering one scene in the movie.


When we last left the Fighting Perverts, they had successfully thwarted an attack launched by the Evil Witch Lady.  Having fended off her minions, the group transforms back into their mild-mannered selves and try to catch their breaths. 

Moments later, a new school girl rides up the path on her bike - apparently a friend of the school girl we met before.  The men of the Fighting Perverts immediately begin hitting on School Girl #2.  Notice his shining teeth.  Boy those special effects just keep on coming.  Seriously, with a face like that, could you say no?

Another Pervert, not to be outdone by the shiny teeth and winning looks of his comrade, becomes overenthusiastic.  What follows is the single most hilarious moment of the entire movie.  He pulls down his pants, and immediately begins masturbating furiously.  I am not making this up.  After a moment of this, one of his fellow Perverts approaches from the other side of the girl and brandishes his equipment as well.  Not long after this, Schoolgirl #2 speeds off, leaving the Fighting Perverts standing there with their pants down.  There's nothing left to do but resume taping the porno they set out to shoot in the first place.

However, School Girl barely has a chance to take her panties off again before a scream is heard up ahead.  That's the voice of School Girl #2!  The group quickly runs what appears to be ten feet and discover the horrible truth.  School Girl #2 has been kidnapped!   The group quickly decides to conduct a search by splitting up so they can cover more ground.  School Girl #2 goes into the city with the pornographer, while the rest of the team goes off to get drinks.

Clearly a playground is a logical place to look.  The pornographer suggests that School Girl check out the equipment by climbing up the slide.  Makes perfect sense.  However, School Girl encounters trouble climbing the slide.  She keeps sliding back down!  Fortunately, the twosome discover a nearby bridge that allows them to traverse the obstacle.

Ah ha!  The restrooms!  School Girl #2 might have just gone off to use the restroom!  It seems prudent to investigate. Amazingly, someone has converted the restroom into a living area!  Though the only furnishing seems to be a bed.  Curiouser and curiouser...

It's a trap!  The Evil Naked Witch Lady's minions are there and seize the schoolgirl and the pornographer.  Witch Lady's number one Henchman is there too!  Our heroes are in grave danger now…

I particularly enjoy how School Girl has just been captured by an evil henchman in a restroom, yet she's smiling.  Convincing performance, eh?

Meanwhile, in another part of the city...

Schoolgirl #2 has been locked in a jail cell and stripped down.  Presently she's visited by... Evil Naked Witch Lady!  Shedding her cloak, Witch Lady reveals that she's armed with a strap-on.  What follows is just about the hottest scene I've ever witnessed in a porn movie.

Ash throws a Poké Ball at School Girl #2 and captures her.  After leveling her up a few times, he sells the Poké Ball to Evil Naked Witch Lady, who uses her thunder badge to force School Girl #2 into sexual slavery.  School Girl must willingly comply, because she is merely a Pokémon.

Later, Pac Man finishes eating all the dots and is chased around by ghosts.  And that's why these women are so naked now.

But what fate awaits School Girl and the pornographer?  What about the rest of the Fighting Pervert team?  Will anyone ever find School Girl #2 or is she condemned to a fate of having hot lesbian sex for the rest of her life?

Find out next time in the third installment of... THE FIGHTING PERVERTS!