Little is known about The Fighting Perverts, other than that it caters to a specific Japanese fetish regarding Power Rangers porn.  The original DVD was released in Japan, presumably sometime in 2003, and is now out of print and impossible to find anywhere.  Since probably only about a dozen copies exist in the United States, that makes this movie extremely rare.

I ordered my copy through Jlist late last year.  Shortly afterwards it disappeared from their site.  I've done numerous Internet searches and it appeared that nobody had ever heard of or seen this movie.  Thus, this website was born.

The great thing about The Fighting Perverts is that it takes campiness to a whole new level.  Among other things, the Fighting Perverts features:

A soundtrack that sounds like it came directly out of a Japanese anime

Costumes that appear to be nothing more than pajamas and colored football helmets

Special effects that include costume transformations, colored explosion bubbles, earthquakes where it's just the camera shaking and the people stumble around, and giant phalluses rising among buildings in Tokyo.

Fight scenes that have no choreography whatsoever.  They consist of people who are doing little more than pushing each other back in forth while in ninja-like stances.

Sex scenes covering lesbian sex, sex with an unconscious woman, and sex with a woman covered in her own birthday cake.  And that's not half of it.  As an added bonus, the traditional Japanese mosaic censoring is smaller than usual on this particular DVD--small enough to be certain that the actors aren't "faking it".