The thumbnailed galleries below tell the story of the Fighting Perverts as I've interpreted it.

The galleries are broken up into "episodes", with each episode covering one scene in the movie.


From the menu screen we simply hit play and the fun begins. THE FIGHTING PERVERTS, for the first two minutes or so, looks exactly like a traditional porno movie, where the girl is being interviewed by a guy holding a camera.

Shortly afterwards the pornographer succeeds in slipping off the school girl's panties, but any hope you may have had that the girl will eventually be stripped down so she can do the things she's paid well to do will be dashed when the show takes a dip into Bizzaro World. The appropriate question for the viewer to ask himself now is, what the hell is THAT??

Uh oh! It's one of the evil witch lady's minions of course! What pass for 'minions' in this adventure are naked women wearing ski masks. Clearly this is the stuff of nightmares.

The pornographer can't have a naked woman messing up his shot, so he confronts her. Bad idea!

Naked Minion beats down on the pornagrapher mercilessly, generating weird purple explosions as a result. Fortunately schoolgirl runs over to protect him.

School girl successfully repels the attack, and her friends are close behind. They are ready for action!

But first... they must transform...




And, School Girl rids herself of the majority of her clothing to form...


But our heroes have a real fight ahead of them, because the evil minion has friends of her own!

The two groups clash in an epic battle that doesn't even attempt to look halfway realistic.  You can get an idea of how bad the fights are by watching the trailer on the video clips page.

Green Pervert fends off an attack by sort of holding his arm in front of him and staring at the breasts of his attacker!

Blue Pervert grabs a minion and turns her around so he can lethally massage her breasts!

A clean spank to the buttocks sends that naked minion running away.

Red Pervert fends off enemy attack by ramming his tongue down her throat. Those fighting perverts have amazing martial arts skills!

Uh oh! Looks like Yellow Pervert isn't as skilled as his comrades! But the others are too busy to help him right now. Can you feel the dramatic tension rising?

Meanwhile, school girl fends off her attacker by just sort of pushing her away.

And just in time, too! The Fighting Perverts team quickly assists their comrade Yellow Pervert by lifting his attacker off of him.

Shortly afterwards, the team is congratulating themselves on a job well done. The recovering pornographer is now asking what the hell is going on, and the team explains that the world is under attack by some demonic witch woman. As an exclamation mark on that story, an earthquake suddenly strikes!

This earthquake is a scene of special effects mastery. The camera shakes and the people stumble about randomly. Breathtaking!

And that's just the first eleven minutes of THE FIGHTING PERVERTS.