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Super Knight ATLIGER  Rating 8.5

Super Knight ATLIGER reverses the gender roles that we saw in The Fighting Perverts, pitting a team of three super heroines against hordes of-- believe it or not-- clothed men wearing ski masks.  I love the costume design here, by the way.  This movie isn't quite the caliber of The Fighting Perverts, either in the humor department or the sex scenes, but it comes pretty damn close.

The Story

From what I can make of the story, some evil dude is trying to take over the world from some kind of mech, represented by a horribly unconvincing miniature.  There are a lot of miniatures in this movie, which is where a lot of the humor comes from, as they are not convincing in the slightest.  The girls work for a company called S.O.D., which apparently deploys them on missions.  (S.O.D., or Soft On Demand, is also the name of the company that produced this movie.)  Here's the breakdown of events in the battle of good VS. evil:

1) Green Knight is captured and raped

2) S.O.D. headquarters is destroyed

3) Red Knight gets depressed because her boss was killed, so Blue Knight faces bad guys alone

4) Blue Knight is captured and raped

5) Red Knight decides to finally go and help her friend

6) Red Knight is captured and raped

7) Green Knight sacrifices herself to destroy the evil mech

All in all, a pretty grim tale.

The sex scenes

The mosaics aren't bad in this movie.  I'd say they're a little more annoying than in The Fighting Perverts, but not by much.  The main problem with the scenes in this movie is that they tend to be repetitive, with all three scenes following a similar progression, and tend to run a bit long.  The scenes are very good, however.

Scene #1

After a pretty nifty opening sequence, Green Knight almost instantly gets captured and falls onto a convenient mattress, where the evil henchman has his way with her.  Unlike the "rapes" in The Fighting Perverts, the rapes in this movie are more convincing.  Green Knight does not appear to be enjoying herself and resists (though only half-heartedly) pretty much the whole scene.  The clothed men wearing ski masks are there the whole time, molesting her and making a weird "eeee" sound that quickly gets annoying.  The sex here is pretty hot -- I'm a sucker for cosplay and the fact that Green Knight keeps most of her costume on the entire scene is very cool.

Scene #2

After S.O.D. is blown up, Red Knight decides she's too depressed to go after the bad guys, leaving Blue Knight to fight them by herself.  She is of course instantly captured and forced to perform orally on several clothed men wearing ski masks.  After they unload on her face, the main evil dude has his way with her.  The sex here gets very intense and goes on for quite a long while.  Blue Knight never drops the act that she's an unwilling participant.  Again the costume never comes off (though this time the mask does) which helps to remind you that you're not witnessing a real rape.  The sex itself is hot.  Very hot.

Scene #3

Here's the sick thing.  This entire time that Blue Knight is being raped (which goes on for a good 20 minutes) Red Knight was listening through a communications unit on her wrist, doing nothing.  What the HELL?  Finally, long after the forces of evil have finished using her friend, Red Knight decides to go try and rescue her.  Of course she's instantly captured, and her friends are brought into the room so all three can be molested at the same time.  Red Knight is forced to perform orally and is then raped--this is the most convincing-looking rape of the whole movie, with Red Knight outright screaming at some points.  Again, costume stays on, and again, the scene is very hot.

The Fight Scenes

There are several fight scenes interspersed throughout the movie, and they're actually fairly well done.  Some effort was obviously put into the choreography here.  Unlike The Fighting Perverts, you won't be laughing when the fighting breaks out.  Any laughs will come from the horrifyingly bad miniatures used to represent robots and aircraft, and possibly the "drama" involved in the loss of S.O.D. and the death of Green Knight.

Final Verdict

Clocking in at 1 hour 40 minutes, this movie isn't nearly as funny as The Fighting Perverts nor are its three mostly identical sex scenes a match for the colorful and imaginative seven scenes in this site's namesake title.  However, what is here is good, and the hardcore costumed sex I imagine would appeal to many people, myself included.  Rating: 8.5

Where to buy it

This movie is currently available on DVD at Jlist for $40.00. will not sell copies of this movie until it goes out of print.

"The clothed men wearing ski masks have us surrounded!"

In The Fighting Perverts, Red Pervert was forced to have sex with the main villain.  Here, pretty much the same thing.

The fights are much improved over The Fighting Perverts.

Good always loses… because good is dumb.

The sex here is more hardcore than The Fighting Perverts.