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The Fighting Perverts   Rating 9.7

The Fighting Perverts is what spawned this site to begin with, so it's no wonder it gets such a high rating.  This movie has the perfect combination of campy fight scenes, silly costumes, and-- much to my surprise when I first watched it-- incredibly hot sex scenes.  In fact, I'd say this is one of the hottest adult movies I've seen in my lifetime, despite the mosaic zones.

The Story

The lack of English subtitles on this import makes it difficult to elaborate on the story, but it appears pretty straightforward.  The Fighting Perverts are a team of four men and one schoolgirl named Ami who do battle primarily with naked women who wear ski masks.  These naked women are led primarily by a woman in a black cape (who I call Evil Naked Witch Lady) and a man in a black cape (who I call the evil henchman).

The story opens with what appears to be a pornographer with a video camera getting some juicy footage of the school girl on tape.  They're ambushed by a group of naked women wearing ski masks, and the battle between good and evil begins.  Most of the story advances by characters getting captured, raped, and then escaping.  Which brings us to…

The sex scenes

The mosaic zones use particularly small pixels in this movie, so not much is obscured.  Unlike many Japanese AV titles, in this movie it's clear that the sex is real.

Scene #1

The team of heroes defeats the first wave of naked women wearing ski masks.  They capture one and torment her, mainly by playing around with a vibrator, while Ami performs orally on Yellow Pervert.  At the end of the scene, Yellow Pervert provides the money shot on the evil naked lady's ski mask.  I should note the ski mask is never removed the entire scene.

Scene #2

A friend of Ami is captured by the forces of evil, and winds up the plaything of the Evil Naked Witch Lady and her Strap-On of Terror.  It appears this is supposed to be a rape, but if it is it's not convincing--Ami's friend appears to enjoy herself quite a bit.  This is without question one of the hottest lesbian sex scenes I've seen in my entire life.

Scene #3

Ami and pornographer split from the main group to find Ami's friend, and are both swiftly captured.  Ami becomes property of the Evil Henchman, in what is again supposed to be a rape scene but doesn't look the part after the first couple of minutes.  This is a straight up 1 on 1 sex scene and is extremely hot, in this reviewer's opinion.  It could be that I'm a sucker for school girls, though.

Scene #4

The pornographer somehow escapes and finds the rest of the team, who then succeed in finding Ami's friend, who is now unconscious.  Pornographer spirits her away while the rest of the team remains, presumably to locate Ami.  The pornographer now finds himself alone in a room with Ami's friend, who's naked and asleep.  So, he goes ahead and has his way with her.  I've never seen a sex scene with an unconscious woman outside this movie, so if that's your fetish, you'll love this.  The scene's pretty hot despite the fact that the woman's asleep (or perhaps because of it!) - it also helps that this scene is only about three minutes long.

Scene #5

Meanwhile Evil Witch Lady has captured the four men of The Fighting Perverts, and proceeds to "rape" Red Pervert.  Don't feel too sorry for him though, he seems to be happy to provide the service.

Scene #6

School Girl has escaped by now, and is reminiscing about times past.  This takes us back to her (18th?) birthday party, which becomes a 2-on-1 sex scene.  I really like this scene--at one point the Perverts smear cake over her body while she's being screwed.

Scene #7

School Girl finally gets around to rescuing the rest of the team, so they take a time out to have sex with her.  This is the only scene in the movie where Ami has sex in her mesh "Pervert" uniform, which I think is just the hottest thing ever.  All four perverts unload on her face, which looks beautiful.

The Fight Scenes

Pretty much all the fighting takes place in the first 10 minutes, and is so bad it's laughable.  No attempt was made here to make the fighting look halfway realistic.  It's also extremely hilarious--the first 10 minutes of this movie makes for excellent viewing even in mixed company.  Most of the rest of the movie, however, is entirely devoid of fighting, which is okay by me because the sex scenes are absolutely fantastic.

Final Verdict

This movie is just the greatest thing ever.  Not only is it great to show your friends and have a laugh (the first 10 minutes are the most hilarious 10 minutes of film ever created) but you'll also get a lot of value out of the sex scenes.  Yours truly has watched many of these scenes countless times, and with the exception of the ho-hum scene #1, every single one of them is a winner.  My only gripe is that at 90 minutes of runtime, it's over too soon.  Rating: 9.7

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This pretty much sums up the whole movie.

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