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Ellektolia  Rating 4.6

Ellektolia is by far the worst "fighting girls" movie I've seen yet.  The main feature of this movie is its incredibly long, drawn-out, horribly done CG sequences.  I dare you to try and sit through the opening sequences (which, combined, add up to ELEVEN MINUTES of CG horror) without hitting the fast forward button.  I dare you.

The Story

I think there is some time travel involved here.  The main heroine apparently comes from the year 3003 and travels to 2003 to fight evil or some such thing.  The movie opens with some random woman walking down the street and being raped by the main bad guy dude.  What is it with the Japanese and rape anyhow?

Like Super Knight ATLIGER, the story is pretty hard on the good guys.  In fact, in this movie the bad guys outright win.  After they all rape the main heroine and stand around congratulating themselves on their victory, we fade to black.

I guess the Japanese find defeat sexy?

The sex scenes

Prepare yourself for the most gigantic mosaics you'll ever see in your life.  Not only are the zones bigger than The Fighting Perverts or Super Knight ATLIGER, the pixels themselves are bigger, making anything in the mosaic zone almost entirely unrecognizable.  There are some close-ups where the ENTIRE SCREEN is literally GIANT PIXELS.

Scene #1

After an initial CG opening which is a merciful two minutes in length (the nine minute horror follows afterwards), we find a random woman walking down the street where she's kidnapped and raped.  Ho-hum.  The woman's not really that hot, and neither is the sex, which is harmed by the gigantic mosaics.

Scene #2

After tons of filler material which is slow and boring (except for the Yellow Bug Man--that guy is practically the only reason to watch this), the main heroine, who may or may not be named Ellektolia, fails to fight off some bad guys and ends up having to service them all orally.  Oral scenes in this movie are worthless, because any time a guy's manhood comes anywhere near her face, her entire face becomes pixels.  This scene is pretty much worthless.

Scene #3

Finally, we have the scene you've all been waiting for--the heroine's sex scene.  For the last FORTY MINUTES of the movie the bad guys have their way with her, however the first twenty-five minute they spend halfheartedly molesting her and dabbling in oral sex, which again is worthless because it turns everything into giant pixels.  Finally they get around to screwing her, and this is worth watching because the actress IS hot and you can at least see her face most of the time.  Four dudes end up having her, including my hero Yellow Bug Man. Three of whom cum inside of her, which is a nice touch.

Scene #4

Hidden away in a bonus menu, this is a scene where the same actress wearing a pink costume is forced to perform orally on some random villain dude.  This scene is terrible as most of it is just random molestation where she keeps her clothes on, and the rest is a pixilated mess.  This nonsense is 30 minutes long.

Scene #5

Also hidden in a bonus menu, this scene defies explanation.  Some evil guy performs some satanic ritual and rapes a bound woman while covering her with goop.  No oral here, which actually helps, but most of the scene is, again, just molesting with a lot of rubbing goop around.  Once they finally get to the sex, it's actually pretty good if you can get past the fact that there are skulls strewn everywhere.

The Fight Scenes

There's only one fight scene the whole movie, and it doesn't last very long.  There is a decent attempt here at choreography as the fighting is roughly on par with what you find in Super Knight ATLIGER and far superior to The Fighting Perverts.  Halfway through the scene, the heroine suddenly loses her clothing and continues to fight naked, which is pretty nifty.

Final Verdict

At 90 minutes long, there isn't much reason to watch this movie, let alone buy it.  This is somewhat made up for with the two bonus scenes, which are buried in the Japanese menus.  There is also a decent amount of bonus material which covers trailers for other Japanese AV movies and behind-the-scenes for Ellektolia.  Watching them set up the fight scenes is pretty interesting, but most of the rest of it isn't much to see unless you understand Japanese.  All in all, the giant mosaic zones, boring sex scenes, and the long pointless CG sequences make this movie one you should pass on.  If it weren't for Yellow Bug Man, I probably would have thrown this disc in the garbage by now. Rating: 4.6

Where to buy it

This movie is out of print. will begin selling copies of this movie in the near future.

The fights are fairly well done, but don't last long.

Better get used to watching her being molested, because that about covers half the movie outright.

The ridiculous CG intro will make you want to die.

The main reason to watch this movie.  I love this guy.

Yellow Bug Man's costume never comes off.  Ever.