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Women's Adult Video Wrestling Rating 9.0

WWAV, or Women's Adult Video Wrestling as we call it in the U.S. where words are supposed to be in the proper order, is an amazing 2-disc production that showcases legitimately powerful women doing battle in a public ring, then having sex in the same ring.  What else can you ask for?

The Story

Apparently there are two factions in the women's wrestling circuit-- the AVW and the WWAV.  These two factions collide in an ultimate contest of strength.  The loser in each fight must have sex with the male coach of the opposing side, and in a couple cases, even the referee.  The first 20 minutes or so of the 3-hour feature set up the story, then the rest is a series of six fights and six sex scenes.

The sex scenes

The biggest drawback to this production is the large mosaics.  They're not as huge as in Ellektolia, but the pixels are just as large.  Unlike Ellektolia, however, the sex scenes are very good despite the limited visibility.  I should note that, even though the loser "must" have sex with the enemy coach, none of the women in this movie appear to be unwilling participants-- a nice change from the rape-filled insanity of Super Knight ATLIGER and Ellektolia.

Scene #1

The first fight ends in a draw, which means both women have sex in the ring.  One of them is very attractive, the other not so much -- the camera focuses on the prettier one, happily.  She's double-teamed by the enemy coach and the referee in a very hot scene.

Scene #2

The prettier girl loses the fight (yes!) so she takes on the enemy coach in a fantastic scene.

Scene #3

The girl who loses the third fight went topless during the entire battle, which was sweet.  The guy who's tasked to screw her though, fails to get it up after some oral sex, so we don't get to see her have sex.  Comical, but disappointing.

Scene #4

The pretty girl wins this fight, sadly, so we must watch a not-so-attractive girl being pounded in the ring.  The scene is pretty cool, as they use the ropes as apparatus for their sexual romp, but I sure wish the other girl had lost instead.

Scene #5

The ref blatantly cheats in this fight, leading to the girl who "loses" being unfairly subjected to the sentence of public sex, but so it goes in wrestling.  The winner of the fight rubs it in by participating in molesting the loser for awhile before she goes on to have sex with both of the referees, including the one who cheated her out of her victory.  Fantastic scene.

Scene #6

An all-out brawl turns into an all-out orgy as everyone has a party both on the ring and around it.  I won't bother to describe everything going on in this scene, but it's extremely good.  However, it is a little annoying knowing that there's stuff going on off-camera that you don't get to see, especially since there are cameras all over the place and the fights were multi-angle.

The Fight Scenes

The fight scenes actually upstage the sex scenes in this movie.  The fights are brilliantly choreographed, and although it's obvious nobody's getting hurt, these women are clearly very strong.  The fights are sexy and knowing you get to watch the loser have sex afterwards adds to the excitement.  This is a far cry from the shoving matches of The Fighting Perverts.  On top of that, every fight scene can be viewed from five different angles, including a shot of the commentators with an inset of the action.

Final Verdict

Not counting the extra runtime afforded by the multi-angle fights, this movie runs a full three hours.  That's a hell of a lot of content.  The fights are nothing short of brilliant, and the sex scenes are fantastic overall.  The only thing marring the score here are the obnoxiously large mosaic zones.  If it weren't for the large mosaics, this would have scored higher than The Fighting Perverts itself.  Rating: 9.0

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Why don't more women settle their differences like this?

There is something very cool about seeing these women fight so ruthlessly and then have sex right afterwards.

" and THIS army!"

The fights in this movie are spectacular.

Some of the moves are surprisingly creative.

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