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Ellektolia torrent not up yet  January 9, 2005

In yesterday's update I mentioned that the full version of Ellektolia would be going up on Empornium.  However, I haven't yet upped that torrent as I've discovered an audio sync problem in the video file.  I'll up the torrent as soon as I create a working file.

Ellektolia now available  January 8, 2005

Remember Ellektolia It's by far the lowest rated movie on the site, as judged by my incredibly arbitrary "pick the number that feels right" review system.  So why would you want a movie maligned for its large mosaics and lukewarm sex scenes?  It's free, that's why.  If you order the 3X movie bundle from the DVD Store, you'll get the DivX rip of Ellektolia on CD for no charge.  Also, by popular demand, U.S. residents can now buy movies using check or money order.  Shipping is still free on all orders.

You may also find Ellektolia floating around on BitTorrent networks.  The full DivX rip is being released onto Empornium today--just run a search on Ellektolia there to grab it.  Next week, I'll send it out over PureTNA, with MuffTorrent following the week afterwards.  Empornium is a closed network, so if you don't already have a login you probably will not be able to get the file until it's released on another network.

Ellektolia isn't a particularly good movie, but it does have some camp value in its fight scene (in which the heroine fights naked), and the final 20 minutes of the movie is worth watching as Yellow Bug Man (among others) joins in the gang bang of the heroine.

Oh yes, and my original challenge still stands -- I dare you to watch the entire CG intro without skipping ahead.  It will make your eyes bleed.

Returning visitors may notice that the forum has come down, which is a little bit sad considering my hopes and dreams of a community forming around this site, but alas, even with some very high traffic levels, such a community never came together.  I'll look into some cheaper (i.e. free) solutions so the site probably won't be forumless forever.  If you're a forum administrator and would like to donate space in exchange for a free DVD or two, please contact me.

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