Japan brings you many colorful DVDs featuring super heroes and heroines doing battle with evil while still having enough time to have sex with each other and the occasional villain.  Explore them with us here.


Super Knight ATLIGER  Review  Rating 8.5  10/13/2004

Super Knight ATLIGER is the "Empire Strikes Back" of porn, as the forces of good get their asses kicked the entire movie.  All three heroines are raped, their headquarters is destroyed, and one of them winds up dead.  But hey, at least the sex is hot.  Full Review.

Ellektolia  Review  Rating 4.6  10/17/2004

Hey, what do you call a DVD with huge mosaic zones, long CG sequences that look like they were done a decade ago, and only one good sex scene?  That's right, you call it Ellektolia.  Full Review.

The Fighting Perverts  Review  Rating 9.7  10/12/2004

The movie that launched this site is one of the finest pieces of art ever committed to film.  Follow the adventures of The Fighting Perverts in their quest to rid the world of naked women who wear ski masks.  Full Review.

Women's AV Wrestling  Review  Rating 9.0  10/20/2004

A no-holds-barred battle for supremacy between two factions of colorful female wrestlers plays out in this 2-disc feature.  The losers?  They must service the enemy's male coaches… and the referees!  Full Review.

Reviewed movies:

Fighting Perverts (9.6)

W.W.A.V. (9.0)

S.K. ATLIGER (8.5)

Fight Like ATHENA (8.1)

Ellektolia (4.6)

Fighting Like ATHENA Review  Rating 8.1  12/4/2004

Erika Nagai stars in this compilation of scenes which includes two epic fight scenes which both end with an epic bukkake/gangbang.  Also features multiple instances of Erika kicking guys in the nuts.  Full Review.